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The Menu

Two paths of flavour: research, with Ferrari bubbles
that become an integral part of the dish,
and the territory, with the celebration of Trentino culture.
In addition, the menu with the classics section,
the symbolic dishes of the Locanda.

…"I want to read something to you"
- Maestro Marchesi told me -
"I feel like a fundamentalist, because
that which is simple is fundamental
in the kitchen, what is good is fundamental
and beauty is also fundamental".

Alfio Ghezzi

Flavour and cooking techniques: a binomial at the service of raw ingredients. The dish as the perfect result of ideas, territorial influences, well-dosed novelties and a pinch of amazement. These are the coordinates of Alfio Ghezzi's cuisine.

The results are light and apparently simple creations, where the always-welcome objective is to exalt the products that have been carefully selected from the territory's excellences. Every superfluous element has been removed from the kitchen so that it can tell the story of the mountains, their microclimate, their men.